Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hi Hoe Hi Hoe its off to work he goes!!

My hunny got a JOB!

We are so excited and thankful.  Now along with all of that said, deep down inside there is a little bit of I guess we will call it.... NERVIOS.

Mommy and kiddos will no longer have "Daddy daycare."oooh my what to do???? Looks like imma have some kids for sale!?!?! j/k No really though, he has done such an amazing job staying home and actin' as  domestic engineer of the yr!  Better then I could of ever done. I had no problem with him stayin' home with the kiddos but I really think is was weighing really heavy on him not being able to contribute.

Work in Mexico hmmm, about $15.00 a day if your lucky, drug test, written test, background check, copies of everysingle piece of information under the friggin' sun, more tests, 6 day work weeks with no weekends off oh yeah did I mention $15.00 a day.

In the States it was all about how much and here it is just about havin' one.. get it!?!?!

So movin' forward our days are as follows':

5 a.m. Mom leaves for work
1 p.m. Kids go to school
1:30 p.m. Papi leaves for work
5 p.m. Mom gets off work
5 p.m. Kids get out of school and walk home
6 p.m. Mom gets home and does well hmmm Mom stuff *yuck* cook, clean, homework, etc.
10 p.m. husband catches taxi to the entrance to our neighborhood and mom goes and picks him up.

Needless to say we dont see eachother alot but its for a good cause and the time spent will be spent VERY WELL! *WINK *WINK