Friday, March 18, 2011

Husbands Tears

Husbands' tears=(
we will be in Mexico for quite awhile if not forever... I have come to terms with the whole thing and I have more good days the bad

My husband on the other hand....

Tonight we where drivin' home from a friends house and we where listenin' to a song that brought back a very special memory for him. One night about 6 yrs ago we had gone on a date and went out dancin' to one of our favorite grupos and it was jus' me and him and was one of the most beautiful nights ever. Well while he was listenin' to that song he began to cry with big tears and all and I asked why, he said " I will never be able to go to that place with you again!" I told him that its ok cuz @ least we got to experience it together and that i was never goin' to leave his side!!!! He continued to cry and I said nothing else....

I dont know if I should of said anything else???? Should I just let him go through that in silence??? DAMMIT I dont like it when my husbad cries over this immigration crap!! He is so much more then that! It makes me sad to see him soooo upset=(


The below was very well said by someone that know our situation very well:
t/y: Emi

When we married it was for the good and the bad, sickness and in health, etc... There are billions of people in this world who do not live in the US and who never could. The US is not a direct factor in their lives, nor does it's acceptance define their relationship as it should not define yours. It is unfortunate that you and your husband have had a taste of the US. And fortunate. It's difficult because now you may hunger for the US and it's benefits, but the reality of the situation is that is does not define who you are, or who he is. You are a couple. You are in love. It doesn't matter where you are. Tons of people only wish to find their soulmates. And because you are lucky enough to have found each other, you are lucky. Life is so much more than citizenship and extreme hardship and applications and countries and borders. Life is about love and family. You have both of those things and for that you are among the few lucky ones. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Celebrate it. Life is beautiful. Forget borders, forget the law, remember your love.