Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

A Little Bit About Me

This one was started by Lisa from From One Country to Another and is great way to learn a bit more about each other.

1. How long have you been with your husband?
We met in 1992 he was my first b/f and first for a lot of other things.. teeheehee.
He broke my young lil teenage heart and we separated for 7yrs. Then one day in 1998 he showed up @ my aunts house lookin' for me and we have been together every since <3

2. Can you remember one funny miscommunication because of language barriers?

Since my husband had been in the states since he was 6 his English it pretty good... But he has problems with the letter V and using it in place of B.  The letter B is almost non existent when he speak english:




3. What state / and or city have you relocated to?
Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico

4. Do you and your hubby have any children, How old?

oooh yess we have the Brady Bunch thing goin' on...
6 yr boy old (together) lives with us
12 yr old (together) lives with us
15 yr old girl (his) lives with us
16 yr old boy (hers) lives with dad

16 yr old boy (his) lives with us
19 yr old girl (his) lives with mom

"teenagers will be the death of me!"

5. What is one things thing that your blogger friends don't know about you?
I love tattoos.. I have many and want many more... My husband is not to keen on it but that is my thing.. My lower left calf is dedicated to my kiddos and husband.

6. What are some of your favorite hobbies or past times?

Anything that has to do with Family and Music I am there,  I love to barbeque and crack jokes all night. Yes my family "gots jokes".... gotta have thick skin to hang out with us!

7. How did you stumble upon the blogging community?

My sister told me about starting a blog.. She said that it would help me get everything "off my chest" and @ my own discretion...

8. Have you learned something new about yourself during this whole process that has changed all of our lives?

I have learned that there is a lot bigger world out there then I ever knew...I have proved to myself that I am a lot stronger then I ever knew. And it is now a proven fact that "where there is a will there is a way!" 

9. Something that you love about Mexico and something that you cant stand or miss living without.

I love being able to come home Friday after work and know that I am goin' to have2 DAYS OFF! Havent figured it out yet but for some reason here there doesn't seem to be so much hustle n bustle as in the states.  We actually have time to hang out and do things around the house....

I dislike not having a bath tub and central air....

10. Did you know your in-laws before moving and has it been a big adjustment being closer to them

Yes I knew them and I will talk about it on another blog at another time! Sometimes some situations are better left unsaid.....

11. If you were going back to the states next week where is the first place you would go, of course after seeing your family?
Only if my husband was with me would I ever go back... and the first thing I would want to do is go and take our youngest child to Disneyland!


  1. Wow you must be a very strong woman to have that many teenagers. I remember how much trouble I was, I could not imagine. It has been great how many girls have joined in on this, glad you did too. Love # 2. I have only one tattoo. I would like to have more but honestly I dont know how I made it through the first one. I am such a chicken.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog. Wow! What a hand of cards you have been dealt. I read all your entries and you seem to have come a long way over the past year! Glad to see that everything seems to be going OK and you are settling into your new life.