Monday, January 10, 2011

04/01/2010 As the Gates Turned..

ok soo much for all that sad stuff.  3/30/2010 Was his last court date and our daughters birthday.  The day before the kids and I drove from Reno, NV to Long Beach, CA with only our clothes and prayers that all of this would soon be over....

the morning of the thirtieth I was the first one up with barely any sleep the night before.  I got up and gave out baby girl a big kiss and hug and told her Happy Birthday and I would be back later to celebrate.  I left to go pick up my brother in law to help me drive and support.  We drove about 1 hr to the detention center and I was a "HOT MESS...!"  We waited around forever and finally my brother in law had to go use the bathroom and that is when they came out to call me in the courtroom.  Now mind me this is the first time in four months I have been able to be that close to my husband without a phone and glass in between us and it was amazing!!  There are actually no words to explain how excited I was just to be that close to him and having nothing in between us but air.  I sat down behind him on the left hand side of the court room and he turned around and looked like the saddest man I have ever seen.  I kept looking around and I his Immigration Attorney was nowhere to be found.  I started flipping out because I already know that without an attorney we where going to get nothing accomplished.  The judge asked my husband for his attorney and my husband said he was a "no show".  Thats when things started to go downhill.  The judge proceeded to tell us that since he has no representation we would have to push his court date out and the next available was not until 4 months from then.  I bursted out in tears and the judge asked who I was, I said I am his wife and " I cant do this anymore."  "We just want to end this and throw in the towel, so we can all be together again, even if it is in Mexico."  The judge worked with us and before you know it Felix fired the attorney signed the paper and the next day he was on the bus to Tijuana, Mexico.... Before Felix walked out of the court room the judge stopped him and said, "Mr. Rodriguez, i know your a good man and you have a wonderful family, so you walk out of here and be together and never look back!"

This all couldnt of happened on a better day because I was able to go home and tell my daughter, "Happy Birthday Mija" we will be in Papi's arms by tomorrow evening!"  I had not seen smiles on my babies face that big in months=)  And they did not care that the next time we where going to see him that it was going to be in Mexico!  That is good stuff....

The next morning we where all up, ready and packed by 7 a.m. went to pick up my brother in law and we where off to Tijuana. Crossing the border was one of the most exciting but intimidating things ever!  Emotional Rollercoaster to say the least. My kids for once where just about speechless..  We arrived @ my mother in laws house to be greeted by all new faces except for the in laws.  Everyone wanted to know our story but I just wanted to see my husband.  Previously he had called me around 6 clock in the morning to let me know he was in Los Angeles, CA for processing so we knew that he would be dropped off in TJ around 6 p.m. 

I told my mother in law I wanted to be down @ the border waiting for him around 4 p.m. just in case he got there a lil sooner.  I had decided not to take the kids because I had no clue what the environment is like down there and I did not want anything to happen to my kids so they stayed and I promised them before I left that I would be bringing the Papi "home"....

One thing I will never forget is the sound of the revolving gates as people walked across the border into Tijuana.It made this creepy squeeky noise everytime it turned as though to tell me that,, "you will never forget this night!" It was kind of cold that night but my mother in law and I stood right in front of that gate while my father in law stood in another area to be sure not to miss him....It seemed like hundreds of people  After 2 hours I was getting very impatient, so I walked to where my father in law was and still nothing.  I turned around to tell my mother in law that I didnt see anyone and turned back around.  I was standing there staring at a tall, hispanic (go figure lol) in cacky pants and a black jacket not recognizing him until he said, "LeAnna!"  Its like I snapped out of it and there standing was my husband! I ran to him and hugged him and just cried.....He hugged me soooo tight and I could feel his whole body shaking and feel his tears on my neck. It was the most incredible moment of my life.  I had my husband back and I kept my promise to my kids.  Nothing else mattered, I do not know how long we stood there but when I turned around there where a couple guys that he had gotton off the bus with that had tears in their eyes too. 

The drive to his mom's i sat in the back with him and and we just held eachother the whole way and I just kept crying as he kept telling me, "its ok now I am here.." I felt as if I where to let go someone might take him away again and I had to get him home to the kids as I promised.  As we pulled into the drive way to no avail there standing was, Nana, Jr and Chito just waiting.  Of course Nana was the first one and she ran to her Papi and just cried and cried.  Jr walked up to him in shock with the biggest hug I have ever seen between the 2 of them and chito jumped up into his arms and said "Papi I always cry for you.."

And there we where "back together again...."


  1. i cant wait to experience seeing my husband when he finally gets to the border! i want to be there so bad when he arrives but planning this has been so difficult because i do not know which border he is going to arrive at and I have to fly in from PA. I was crying reading this!! it is going to me an emotional n incredible day for me as i havent seen him in 8 months! i am so happy for u!

  2. wow. thank you for sharing this leanna! <3 i know that sound of the revolving gates that you talk about. every time im in line to come home, i see the people walking through them and i just listen to the sound. i wonder what the stories are of the people who are walking through them. i wonder if they're coming from work to go see their deported loved ones too. i wonder if it's the last time they'll ever step foot in the US. i hate those gates!!!