Thursday, April 14, 2011

jus for laughs =) "A day in the life of a border crossin' mother"

Thought some of you mothers might get a kick out of this. This is one of my days of crossing the border:

Me and my five yr old lft around 12:45 to cross over to San Diego and. head up to LA. Now this is where the fun starts my baby cries the whole way to the border cause he doesn't want to go with me, then we are in line for about a hr or so and the husband calls me and proceeds to tell me that my atm card is in his pants pocket. I am now down to a quarter tank of gas with no money and I have got to make it to Los Angeles. So we have to turn off the a/c in the car and roll down the windows in 100+ degree weather. The line wasn't that long but it still took almost took 2 hrs to get across. We finally made it and we get to the San Diego border patrol check point and out of all days and time they decide to be open. So we are now sitting in more traffic and my baby decides he has to go peepee. Well to say the least "we didn't make it" ;-( we finally got to a rest stop and I took him in the bathroom and took off his clothes and wash him up, I look in our overnight bag and I forgot underware. So my baby is now walking around with shorts that are a lil too big and NO underware.

Needless to say we made it ok ;-) we had no money, no a/c, no underwear but we had a lotta laughs and good music with the wind blowing trough our hair weather we liked it or not!

Full of Celebration... Feelin' jus friggin' smitten=)

We had soooo many things that was celebrated this last week so hold on tight here i go:

Our Baby Girl turned 12 and we had the best birthday party ever for her. It consisted of hot dogs, hamburgers, music and the greatest friends and family. (and of course a couple drinks for mom... teeheehee.  last yr to the day was a doozy for her bday cuz it was the day her Papi was deported and I wanted nothing more then to over come that day with a wonderful day of celebration with us ALL together.  How good it felt to see her sooo happy and content and its only been one yr.  So with that said, we also celebrated our yr anniversary living in TJ and on top of that I got a job!!!! Best believe the next blog entry will be about the "day in the life of a border crossin mother" Im sure there will be some interesting stories to tell...

I am sure that life is not done throwing us curve ball but It is such a incredibly good feelin' to know that WE have been able to make such good out of what was a really shitty situation. What an accomplishment.. and it is such a relief for me to be able to assure my family and friends that live in the states that all is good with us and there are no worries=)