Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday Nights

Friday night's pushing through the Tijuana border hauling ass through all summer visiting traffic, street vendors, flashing policía lights, and pinches calafias (public transportation buses) to get HOME! And I can't wait. Mon-Fri San Diego traffic, border crossing, school and work is worth every bit of it! I no longer wake up everyday yearning to be back in the states. Now I can't wait to get HOME to TJ. To my family, friends, home to MY LIFE. Our world still turns just in a different direction.

On a typical TJ Friday night I get home and my 8 yr old is happy, laughing running back and forth with his friends playing soccer and xbox. My 14 yr old is walking around taking retarded but beautiful pictures of herself for her instagram fame and my husband is outside on the patio awaiting my arrival. We sit outside with my cold Tecate and shoot the shit talking about a whole bunch of nothing and then take off to the taco stand.  more often than not friends will stop by and we will just hangout and I love it! By now I'm relaxed and my thoughts of my crazy busy life throughout the week has mysteriously vanished. Now that's what I call happiness.

Saturday's are spent at the beach, water park, bbq, park or just chillin' watching Netflix. I might even end up at th tattoo shop geting some work done too! ;)

This is the life that lileezworld has made and come to love so much!

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