Sunday, July 10, 2011

25 Things I Love About my "Sanwich de Jamon" (ham sandwich)

This post is based on the below comment "anonymous" cause they do not deserve anymore recogninition then that:
“7:28 PM
Jul 3, 2011
To all the women who marry illegals, or choose to marry down. Too bad if you don’t like what is said about the subject. This format is one of the few places Americans can voice their opinion without fear of job loss or government retaliation. What did you down dating fools think? That everyone would be supportive? Not ! Women love to date losers, can I ask you women the size of your husbands bank accounts? Could it be 4 figures at best, or perhaps zero! It’s not so much that these men have immigration problems that disturb me. It’s the whole package, I’m sure they have zero bank accounts, zero job opportunity, and wives and children in their home countries. A woman will fall in love with a ham sandwich.”

What I love about my Ham Sandwich,

1. He loves me like no other
2. We have no money in the bank and he is still cute at the end of the day!
3. He gave me beautiful children.
4. He is the BEST lover in every way!
5. Patience is his vertue.
6. He can remind me to calm down in any situation.
7. His jokes are never ending...
8. He lets me feel like im the boss as needed.
9. Loves me the same with or without makeup.
10. Takes wonderful care of our children
11. Family is everything to him.
12. Loves me endless even with PMS!
13. God Fearing.
14. Loves my Mom like his own.
15. Let me know, "everything will be alright"
16. Writes beautiful letters
17. Thoughtful
18. Has the biggest <3 ever!
19. Learns to like what I like.
20. Will try jus' about anything once.
21. Tells me the truth when my food doesnt taste good.
22. Doesnt mind cleanin' up the dog crap cuz that is somethin' I will not do!
23. Tells me I not fat when I know i have gained more weight then needed.
24. Speaks spanish so beautifully.
25. And last but not least, he loves Ham Sandwiches!

There you go now everyone knows why I love my "viejo" 25 times over.  So I guess I can concur with the above comment from "anonymous" I will and have fallen in love with my "ham sandwich"

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