Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday afternoons are my favorite days here in TJ.  It is a time of pure relaxation.... It seems all the years I lived in the states the weekends always consisted of runnin' around tryin' to catch up with all the stuff I didnt have time to do during the week. And even though we are right @ the border of the states it is sooo different here.  Especially Sundays, It seems like its a state of mind that is never talked about. If that makes sense?? The whole city just seems to stop and everyone enjoys the day and family.  No worries, no runnin' around in a frenzy, no hustle and bustle... Even the city streets are less traveled.  We jus' get up and slowly but surely decide what we can do together! We actually enjoy the whole day to the fullest and dont feel guilty about what did not get done! It really makes the weekend worth the 5 day wait.. 

Another reason why I still feel that in some twisted way being forced to come here was our destiny. It has forced me in sooo many ways to enjoy our time and family and not have to compete with what everyone else is doing....

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  1. This has become my favorite part of Mexico. I have been here on and off for a year now and I love that life is so different here. You appreciate every little thing and the culture and the people I just fell in love with.