Thursday, January 6, 2011


I decided to start this blog my life as I know it so it can bring a lil bit of highlight/understanding to changes that have happened in the last year or so.....

I am goin' to back up this blog to about 1/2010.

We finally had all we wanted, we had the beautiful house, relocated closer to family, kids loved their new home, schools and friends, husband had a good job and I was actually able to stay home for once and be a mom and wife.... then everything changed 1/21/2010. 
January 21st my husband (legal permanent resident) was detained by 4 ICE officers.  I was lost and did not no which way to turn.  As they brought my husband out and walked him in front of me in hand cuffs with 4 men walking behind him, his head down and tears falling from his cheeks all that would come out of my mouth was "I love you."  He looked at me and said "everything will be ok"...
I proceeded to ask one of the officers what was going on and he threw me a card with just a phone number (no name) and that we was being detained for deportation processing.  He then told me to stop talking to my husband as he is standing with him right in front of me!  I replied very aggresively and told him to get him the "F#%$ out of my face with him" then and ran to my car.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw them standing there putting him into a suv.  I turned on my car to leave and had no clue where to go or what to do.  I remember banging my head against the window because I just wanted them to leave already!  Then my children started running through my mind and how was I going to go home without their father.  So I called my mom and from the pieces that I can remember I was just screaming to my mom, "help me mom they took Felix..."  And begged her to not say anything to the kids.  Somehow I ended up @ my mother in laws house and started to call attornies.  About 1 hr later I got a call from my husband and all he could say is, "please get me out of here."  By this time I have everyone calling me wanting answers and I had none to give.  I felt so alone, my mom and kids where @ home 8 hrs away and I was scared.
After hiring attornies I had to finally get back home to my kids... It was soo hard to leave because I felt like everything was unfinished and i was abandoning my husband.  I finally worked up the courage and made the drive home.  Meanwhile he had been transfered to a detention center in Lancaster, CA.  and that was the beginning of our fight for our family!
After months of driving a total of 12 hrs every saturday to visit him and not missing a visit and fighting for a "stay" we finally realized along with the attornies and thousands of dollars later that we where not going to come out winners in the good ol' US OF A=(   on 3/30/2010 his last court date and also our daughters birthdate we decided to throw in the towel and his deportation to Mexico began.  I went home talked to my kids and all 3 of them where ready to go to Mexico to be with "Papi.."  I wasnt even able to get to the part of asking the kids.  After I told them what happen to court our oldest (15) yr old, said ok when do we go to Mexico.  Our poor babies had never been parted from their dad and from January 21st up to 3/30/10 they where not able to see them.  That was not an option for him, he said he did not want the kids seeing him in the detention center.  So they could not wait to see him..... 
My next blog will be the day he came home (to mexico) 4/1/2010


  1. I had no idea this happened to you and your family! You know, I'm dealing with a deported hubby, too. His circumstances were different, I'm sure, in part because he didn't have the predetermined outcome based on the color of his skin or a bias against people from his country (he's a white guy from New Zealand - a country that most don't know anything about except for the LOTR movies), but there was definitely a decision made long before he even had a chance to fight it. Let's talk...

  2. LeAnna,
    Life deals some pretty hard blows. You will overcome as you always have. You have a strong mother, I know this because we grew up as sisters. You are a strong woman, mother and wife. Changes are for a reason. Trust in God and in your ability to find light in the darkness. Con amor, tu prima, Chris

  3. First of all, this is an awful awful thing to have happen to your family. As I know you are all doing well in Mexico now, I am glad things worked out in that respect. Second, LeAnna, I am VERY proud of you for sticking by Felix and your kids throughout the whole thing, dealing with any sort of legal issue or the bureaucratic (CRAPPY THAT IT IS)government is such a trying and exhausting ordeal (we're STILL trying to get my mom on Social Security and it's taken just about a year and she's still not on it). Third, I'm very proud of Jr! What a mature young man he's become! Keep up your blog! Writing is such a great reliever of stress. I have a blogspot page, but I don't use it anymore. My blog is at http://livinginaction.wordpress.com/

  4. Thank you all for the wonderful feed back. it has been a challenge but things get better for us so please keep following=)

    Rodriguez Family

  5. Hi, lisa here. I found your blog from your post on facebook. I know exactly how you feel being thrown into this new journey that you and your family did not ask for. Congrats on starting your own blog there is a big community of all us girls. It can be a scary journey but it helps to know that you are not alone. Take care.