Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comin' up on 1 year...

God is Great and Life is Good!!!!
Well we are coming up on our one yr anniversary being in Tijuana together.  WOW sometimes its hard to believe because time has gone by sooo very fast... Well we are all together and still happy so it seems we are on the "right path.."  Dont get me wrong we have very hard times and struggle sometimes but nothin' that we have not any struggles that we have never dealt with before.  I think the hardest thing being for us is not having the convenience of being able to see family and friends=(  But we have become very creative and skype has been a great investment for those of our friends and family that have it.  It makes my husband feel so good when he is able to see people that he knows he wont physically be able to see for a lot of years to come... I love being able to see his smile when he makes that contact with others.

As for the the kids:
Our 2 youngest kiddos are now goin' to school here in Mexico and the 2 teenagers are doin' homestudies for now=)  The kids love goin' to school here it has been such a wonderful experience for the both of them!  We now have a 5 yr old, 11 yr old, 14 yr old and 16 yr old.  Life is GREAT! But i will have to tell u the truth, "teenagers really SUCK sometimes!"

I on the other-hand keep myself busy being a pyscho crazy mother and wife! I have a new found respect for stay @ home moms. It is the hardest job in the world and really not for me.=( I drive my kids crazy.. It is time to go back to work, like now!  So I am now on that *wonderful job hunt. *sarcasm*

My husband has not been able to find work yet, so 2-3 times a week he goes and sells things @ the swap meet.  Yea its a lot to swallow but he has dealt with all of this very graciously.  We have a lot of wonderful family and friends that give us clothes, shoes etc that he is able to sell @ the swap meet.  yea, we are not going to get rich off of it but in the couple of days selling at the swap meet he makes what the average citizen of Mexico makes working 40-50 hrs a week @ a warehouse.  And it keeps him busy too!!! With the money he makes he goes and buys me all the FRESH fruits and vegetables I could possibly want=) its good stuff!

I sometimes really wish I could get in his mind and find out what really goes on in his head?!?!  I mean how does a man go from ALWAYS working and makin' decent money to sellin' stuff @ the swap meet and maybe makin' thirty or so bucks a day???  WOW!!!!!  I guess then again maybe I dont really wanna know what hes thinkin'......  Sooner or later we are goin' to try and invest some money and get a lil business started for him based on his past experience.  He would be a Happy Deported Mexican then!!! lol  Sorry if you dont find that humerous but this is my blog and we have to find humor in out situation. Humor and Laughter has got us a long way=)  Until next time!!!!

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