Sunday, January 1, 2012


My reality is full of long lines, long days, lots of traffic busy cities, lots of steep hills and for all of these things I have become a better person.  Long lines has taught me to be more creative with my time and have more patience with people.  Long days has taught me to be more greatful when I walk through my doors and to be home and I wish I could say the steep hills has got me into the best shape of my life but I guess that is yet to come.....  and how is this different then those of you that live in the big city with lot of traffic and long hours at work???? mmmm 

I  was asked one day by a fellow co worker if I was tired of living in TJ!?!?  She knows we live there but she does not know why. For a moment I was really irritated, she had such disgust/lack of understanding in her voice and for a second I had to bite my tongue and smile.  For anyone that knows me, biting my tongue is still a hard concept for me!  But for once I sincerely felt comfortable enough with myself and my life choices that I did not feel the need to explain myself or our situation. IT FELT GREAT!!!! It was a moment of realization and so liberating to know that things are OK and this is MY LIFE and this is My Reality and things are OK. 

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